Arm Health and Power

Focuses on im QB Arm strength, power and health; designed to address the deficiencies and symmetries developed over time. Take your arm health serious and develop the strength needed to add that extra velocity you have been looking for. With all the throwing demands placed on the modern QB, what steps are you taking to ensure the health and longevity of your arm?

Over time, all those reps need to be balanced out with specific, targeted exercises to prevent long term damage and chronic pain. Stay out ahead of the demands and use this class as a pre-hab and regen opportunity for rigors of your craft. Additionally, these exercises will serve to develop a more stable and powerful throwing shoulder. Obviously, there are many muscle groups at work, while using kinesthetic sequencing to exert maximum force on the ball and we will focus on each part of this timing chain.

Learn how to activate your larger and more powerful muscles while still keeping that whip to your release. You’re only as strong as your weakest link; this class will make your arm a real asset.