QB Improvement Checklist

The quarterback position is one of the most challenging positions in sports! In order to be a successful QB, it’s important at an early age, not to overlook what may seem like “minor details”. Like many other things in life, in order to grow as a player as well as a person, the fundamentals must be mastered. 

In fact, a quarterback’s mechanics must be fluent in every aspect! Whether it’s receiving the ball from center or handing it off, passing or scrambling out of the pocket, a quarterback must be very versatile. If you’re serious about playing the quarterback position, you cannot cut corners in building your fundamentals… it will be harder to “deprogram” your mechanics at a later stage in your development.

Here’s a list of elements you should be working on to further your development. Furthermore, these are the skills you will be learning and practicing at a Capital QB’s clinic.

  • Conditioning
  • Effort Level
  • Athletic Mobility
  • Leadership Skills
  • Confidence Level
  • Nutrition & Warm ups
  • Developing Arm Strength
  • How to give proper Handoffs
  • Play Action Skills
  • QB Stance
  • 3-step drops
  • 5-step drops
  • Shotgun stance
  • Pocket depth & Rollouts
  • Footwork (#1 focus of our program)
  • Reading skills (higher level players)
  • Throwing Skills
  • Quick Release
  • Accuracy (Great Footwork + Balance = Accuracy)
  • Ball Positioning (From Center to Release)
  • Elbow Positioning
  • Follow Through (Dot the i)
  • Non Throwing Shoulder (pointing to target)
  • Non Throwing Hand (Help Keep Core Positioning)
  • Hitch Steps
  • Open and finish hips to target
  • Cadence
  • Coverage and Fronts recognition
  • Hot Reads Awareness

During Capital QB’s clinics, each and every one of these items is addressed and highlighted. All of these elements contribute to make you a better quarterback.