We cannot stress enough the importance of having good footwork, as it’s the key to having great balance in the pocket and understanding the importance of being in an athletic position when initializing those first 3 steps from a standing position.

Quarterback specific movement training will make you a better passer. Our footwork class will focus on improving the quickness and efficiency of your in game movements making you a more dynamic QB. Speed and agility is an absolute necessity, but additional special attention is needed to perfect the required footwork needed to be successful. In many ways, the drop is the simplest part of Quarterback fundamentals. It is pretty straight forward with emphasis on quickness and seeing the field. But all changes the second the QB plants his dominant foot and works towards the line of scrimmage to throw the football.

At the moment all the variables that defense bring come into play. It is at that moment QB’s ability to execute his footwork under pressure will determine his long term success at that position.