Capital QB's Fundamental Juniors

Capital QB’s 2025 Junior Fundamentals Quarterback Training Program (10-13 yrs)

Welcome to Capital QB’s 2025 Junior Quarterback Training Program

Are you ready to take the first step towards becoming a standout quarterback? Our 2025 Junior Quarterback Training Program is meticulously designed for enthusiastic athletes aged 10 to 13. This immersive program serves as a launchpad for young talents poised to delve into the tactical and technical depths of the quarterback position. Our curriculum is structured to transition these young athletes from foundational skills to advanced quarterback play within a supportive and dynamic environment.

2025 Training Sessions & Schedule

Our junior program is strategically split across two sessions to maximize skill acquisition and application:

  • Winter Session: January to April 2025
  • Spring Session: April to June 2025

Registration Information

Note: Registration for the Capital QB’s Training Programs will open later this summer. Please check back soon for more updates and registration details. Thank you for your interest and patience!

With a keen focus on quality and personalized coaching, we’re opening our doors to only 10 Junior quarterbacks per session. This exclusive approach guarantees that each participant receives intensive, individualized coaching, ensuring they not only learn the essentials but excel in executing them.

2025 Training Times and Location:

  • Junior Training: Mondays from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM
  • Location: La Vérendrye Catholic Elementary School, 614 Eastvale Dr, Gloucester, ON K1J 6Z6

Coaching Excellence

Under the expert tutelage of Coach Ron Raymond and our elite coaching team, the junior quarterbacks will engage in a rigorous training regimen that promotes skill enhancement, agility testing, and personal growth.

Capital QB’s Junior Training Curriculum

For aspiring young quarterbacks aged 10 to 13, the winter off-season is ripe with the potential to hone and refine their talents. Dive into our meticulously designed junior training agenda that promises to mold the next generation of football prodigies:

  • Foundational QB Techniques: Every iconic quarterback’s journey begins with mastering the basics. Our curriculum prioritizes instilling a robust foundational knowledge, diving deep into essentials like stance, ball grip, and arm angles. This ensures our juniors are well-prepared for the advanced lessons that await them.
  • Agility and QB Footwork Fundamentals: Agility isn’t just an advantage; it’s a necessity. We’ve integrated agility training into our footwork module, emphasizing drop speed, graceful movement, and pocket mastery. Our goal is to foster quarterbacks whose footwork is so exceptional that it sets them apart, even when compared to senior players.
  • Arm Strength Development Fundamentals: The hallmark of a great quarterback is a throw that’s both accurate and powerful. Our approach focuses on helping our young players tap into the full potential of their arms. We provide guidance on controlling ball speed to achieve unparalleled throws during game-time.
  • Pinpoint Accuracy Fundamentals: The spotlight is always on precision. Our training introduces methodologies ensuring every throw is not just powerful but consistently accurate. We envision our junior quarterbacks confidently handling any game situation, deftly managing varying ball trajectories.
  • Cultivating Leadership Fundamentals: The quarterback role isn’t just about skills; it’s about leading and inspiring. Our program dives deep into the nuances of leadership, covering the 12 Types of Leaders, while emphasizing confidence-building, receptivity to feedback, and effective communication. We’re committed to shaping not just exceptional players, but the future leaders of the sport.

Our comprehensive program is committed to nurturing not only the athletic prowess of our juniors but also their character and leadership capabilities, essential traits for any quarterback.

Enroll in Capital QB’s Junior Quarterback Training Program

Watch your young athlete transform into a formidable quarterback with the confidence and skill set to take on the future of football. Join the ranks of future leaders and innovators of the game with Capital QB’s.

About Coach Ron Raymond

QB Coach Ron Raymond

Capital QB’s was founded by 8-time champion Head Coach Ron Raymond of Ottawa, Ontario in June 2011. Coach Ron Raymond has played and coached the Quarterback position in the Ottawa area for over 30 years and has helped develop hundreds of amateur and university quarterbacks and players since starting the school in 2011. View Coach Ron’s Bio here!

Spring Training Dates (April to June):

  • Spring Dates: Specific dates to be announced soon.

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Attention! To uphold our hallmark of providing personalized coaching, our Winter and Spring Quarterback Training is capped at just 10 players per group. This intimate setting ensures each participant basks in focused attention, paving the way for individual progress and optimum skill enhancement.

Enroll now and start your journey with Capital QB’s! Visit for more information and to register your interest.