QB Fundamental Tips

Here are the latest Quarterback Articles to help and improve quarterbacks at the lower levels. These articles have been provided by Canadian Quarterback Coach Ron Raymond.

Here are a few QB fundamental tips on how you can fix your mechanics and be a more efficient quarterback.

Why am I always throwing off my back foot? Balance, Balance, Balance! You must have proper weight transfer, keep your elbow elevated and follow through on your throw. Dot that i!

If you drop your elbow what can happen? You will not get a proper tight spiral, lose velocity and develop elbow problems (i.e.: Tennis elbow).

Why did the football not reach its target? You might have snapped your wrist too early. If you over throw your target, you might have snapped your wrist too late.
Things to fix

#1 TIP: Fix your footwork first, the rest will follow.
Press ball back with non throwing hand to set position. Keep 2 hands on the ball prior to separation.
Cock the wrist at “set position”. Avoid wasted movements.
Keep the elbow at a 45 degree angle and the arm at 90 degrees. Point the tip of the ball back.
Stand tall in the pocket and stay on the balls of your feet (Athletic Position) ready to explode from pressure.
See through the offensive line, not over the line.
Register for a clinic and let us help you, fix your mechanics.