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Canada Football Chat

Falcons’ standout is open to all considerations. A good defensive lineman can be a nightmare for opposing teams and Josh Irons, a member of the Bev Facey Falcons (Alberta School Athletics Association), will be making sure every quarterback he faces remembers his name.

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All training is not created equal. Quarterbacking is a craft and needs to be treated as such. Specific focus needs to be given to each area of the position in order to develop the skills necessary to be effective.

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QB Canada

SST’s approach is simple – NO B#$%!T TRAINING. SST’s staff does not believe in exercises such as squatting on a swiss ball with the athletes eyes closed. That type of work will help in a circus, but not a sporting event! What is the one thing that every athlete wants immediately? “RESULTS!”

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Elite Long Snapping (ELS)

ELS-LogoLongsnapping is an essential, skilled position on every football team that not everyone can master. It is a vital component of every special team across Canada and the U.S. Building a solid foundation, developing proper techniques and learning how to be mentally strong, most athletes can create the right skill set to be successful.

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