Capital QB’s 7on7 Football Winter League (2014)


Capital QB’s is pleased to announce the 2014 inaugural season of the Capital QB’s 7on7 Football Winter League (15-18 yrs old) powered by the Orleans Bengals Football club.

The season is scheduled to commence on January 11th 2014 at the Superdome “Hornet’s Nest at 1660 Bearbrook Rd, Gloucester, Ontario.

What is 7on7 Football?

7on7 Football is a passing league centered on Passing, Receiving and Defending the Pass. The League format is designed for the positions of quarterback, running back, receiver, tight-end,  linebackers, and defensive backs. There are no lineman, blocking, or tackling. 7on7 Winter League emphasizes the passing game versus a variety of man and zone pass coverage.

How Many Teams in The League?

Capital QB’s 7on7 Winter Football League will be a 4-team league for the inaugural season, running on Saturdays from 3:30pm to 5:00pm and games will be 2-20 minutes half. The league will run from January 11th 2014 right up until March 29th 2014.

See League Rules: 7on7 Football League Rules

Regular Season Format & Playoffs?

The first week will be exhibition games, followed by an 8-game regular season schedule, with a 1 day playoff format at the end of the season. The Top 2 teams will play for the Gold Championship game; the 3rd and 4th place teams will play for Bronze.

What are the League Cost?

The entry fee per team is $400 which works out to roughly $33 per player for 10 weeks of dome time. As always, 1st come, 1st served!

Teams Can Pay Here via PayPal:

Why Play 7on7?

• 7on7 Football allows high schools and club football programs to organize and fundraise for their programs.
• Develop and improve individual player skills
• Develop and improve team play to prepare for the upcoming season
• Safer non-contact setting for players to compete in
• Grow the sport of Football within Canada

Ron Raymond Contact Details:

613-841-8959 (home)
613-291-4147 (cell)