New Quarterback Passing Drills

Have you ever tried throwing a football with shoulder pads on? Now, add a football helmet! It’s a totally different feel then just throwing the ball around with some friends at the park. Having shoulder pads on restricts your full throwing rotation and you’re restricted somewhat on getting your arm elevated to where you think it feels “normal”. One of the drills I demonstrate in our Passing DVD, have your quarterback sit on the ground with his knees elevated at… Continue reading..

Capital QB’S – Passing Drills Demo

Capital QB’s – Footwork Drills Demo

Quarterback Footwork Drills

In order to be a next level quarterback, you need to have great footwork in the pocket. Capital QB’s & Certified Quarterback Coach, Ron Raymond, has listed some of his top footwork drills below and has provided one of his drill in the following video. In fact, you can watch all of these drills by purchasing his Capital QB’s Footwork drills. Click on the “Go here” link, to view the full 43 minute Footwork Drills video: Go here. You are… Continue reading..

Capital QB’s Week 1 Session

Capital QB’s Week 1 Session. Capital Quarterbacks worked on their footwork and mesh handoff from the shotgun position. Here’s some highlights of their workout.